About Boa-Kae Ranch

Behind the Brand


Hey gals! Whether you are already part of the BKR herd, or just found us, we’re glad that you are here!

Boa-Kae Ranch was started in August 2018 by mother-daughter duo Della Wise-Whelan and Keltey Whelan. With a love of the ranching and western lifestyle we were raised in and a desire to design and find unique and beautiful pieces that reflect this way of life, the online boutique was born. Our styles are carefully curated from brands we love along with a handful that are designed and created by us in our southern Alberta shop.

At Boa-Kae Ranch, you’ll find pieces that can take you from casual days to nights out on the town, whether it be a unique graphic tee or an eye-catching duster. Our goal is to provide a shopping source for women who embrace a broad lifestyle, and provide styles that make them feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world, no matter what the occasion is! We also want you to feel unique and special in your BKR wear. We aim to carry and create pieces that you won't find anywhere else!

Boa-Kae Ranch is inspired by the ranchers, cowgirls and brave, determined women who came before us. Like these trailblazers, we stand for integrity, courage, stewardship, and perseverance. We work to infuse our shop with the passion, grit, and spirit that characterize the women we idolize.


“I just love the clouds and the sky and prairie sunrise and sunset, and the silence.” - Leta Wise

The Boa-Kae Ranch boutique is inspired by its namesake and visionaries behind it. The original BKR was established in 1954 by our parents and grandparents, Leta Boake Wise & R.B. (Berwyn) Wise. Leta’s father, E.J.C. Boake, homesteaded in the Acme, Alberta area in 1902 and established the summer ranch in 1929.

Leta took the reins the year she turned 18 and moved to the summer ranch in 1954 following her marriage to Ber. Starting their purebred Shorthorn herd with 20 cows and one herdbull, Leta & Ber created a respected brand, breeding cattle that captured numerous championships across Canada and garnering North American-wide recognition. This success set them up for future opportunities in the beef industry.


Leta Wise

The matriarch of Boa-Kae Ranch is the sole inspiration for our brand. Leta became a leader in the cattle business in a time when it was uncommon for women to do so. A knowledgeable stockwoman and horsewoman, Leta is a mentor, a force to be reckoned with, and a true cowgirl.

Della Wise-Whelan

Raised during the original Boa-Kae years, Della’s childhood summers centred around cattle and horse shows. She developed a love of rodeo and competed in goat tying and cow riding in All-Girl and High School rodeos, winning the 1977 Canadian Junior Rookie of the Year. Pursuing a career as an aesthetician in Calgary, Della spent 15 years in the city before returning to the ranch with her husband to raise their two daughters. Her lifelong love of fashion, sewing and design come together at BKR.

Keltey Whelan

A lifelong ranch-raised artist, Keltey spent her childhood exploring, riding horses and showing cattle. She is a trained graphic designer and runs her graphic design business while raising her own small herd of cattle on the ranch and operating BKR.